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Mold Manufacturing Service

Wintech has the equipment, the skill and the experience to help you create world-class tooling for plastic injection molding. Using your qualified CAD drawings, our project manager will take charge of your project from start to finish to ensure the fastest possible turnaround times to support rapid prototypes, new product introduction and full production volumes up to hundreds of thousands of high-quality parts.

Your mold tools are made with high-quality P20, Nak80 or H13 tool steels. We use advanced multi-axis CNC mills, grinders and EDM machines to create complex geometries with multiple surface finishes, from the highest optical polishes to matte and everything in between. We also have suppliers who can apply custom textures using MoldTech photo etching. Only the finest cutting tools are used to maximize speed while holding tight tolerances in any material.

Advantages to Wintech’s Moldmaking Service

When you choose Wintech for quick turnaround mold tools, you get a host of services to support any project, including: