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Vacuum Casting

What is Vacuum Casting?

Cast Urethanes, RTV Molding, or Polyurethanes (Polys) all refer to a low volume production method that produces parts from a Polyurethane plastic material for prototyping purposes.

These parts have material properties similar to production-like plastic. It is possible to make these parts appear just like hard tooled plastic parts with selection of particular surface finishes, color, accuracy, and unique material properties.

Cast Urethanes are ideal for marking samples and test prototypes, or situations where 1 to 100 pieces are required but time and budgetary constraints do not allow for a prototype injection-molding tool to be produced.

Materials Available:

ABS-like, PP-like, PC-like, PMMA-like, Rubber-like, PA-like, POM-like, High heat resistance ABS-like (120℃, 150℃, 237℃).

Surface Finishes:

High glossy, glossy, matt, VDI30, plating or customized.

Tolerance / Accuracy is according to the size of the part.

Standard tolerance / accuracy: +/-0.3%×dimensions.

Wintech Advantage:

Fast Cast Urethane Quotes: Once we get your 3D data and are clear about your project specs. A custom quote will be calculated and presented in 2 hours.

Fast Time-to-Market: Standard lead time is 5-8 working days for first articles. Parts are produced at a rate of 3-5 parts/day.

Commitment to Service: Dedicated Project Managers assist you from prototype to production.

Vacuum Casting Process

1. Master pattern made by CNC or SLA.

2. RTV mold.

3. Cast urethane. This process will be finished in the Vacuum Casting Machine.

4. Final cleanup.